Where are New Yorkers moving?

Where are New Yorkers moving?

Moving homes in NYC is essentially inevitable. The high cost of living, constant construction, rent hikes, 1 bedroom apartments converted into 3 bedrooms, bad roommates, worse landlords, bedbug infestations, sweaty summers and frigid winters are just a handful of the wonders of living in NYC.

Despite these circumstances, most New Yorkers move within the metro area. And those that have had enough are leaving the city for the burbs and warmer weather. We compiled our moving data to gain some more insight into where New Yorkers are moving.

Manhattan dwellers stayed on the island

Of all moves originating within Manhattan, 68% were moves to another location on the island. By comparison, just 9% moved to Brooklyn, 2.4% to Queens, and 19% to a location outside of the city completely.

People Who Moved Out of Manhattan into Neighboring Boroughs

Though small when compared to the amount that stayed in Manhattan, many did leave for another borough. Of those, an overwhelming majority of them (nearly 75%) chose Brooklyn. 

Similar to the data on people moving out, of those moving into Manhattan (chart below), nearly 75% also came from Brooklyn. This Manhattan/Brooklyn transience doesn't come as a surprise due to the similar costs of living and lifestyle.


People Who Moved into Manhattan from Neighboring Boroughs

We are seeing a slightly higher percentage of people moving from the Bronx into Manhattan than vice versa. And, generally, residents on Staten Island are staying put. 

And, although most Manhattanites are staying in Manhattan, there were more moves from Manhattan to another borough than the other way around. As the population of NYC continues to grow and the cost of living continues to rise, this is a trend that likely isn't going away. 

Bye, NYC. Hello, 'burbs and sunshine.

The vast majority of New Yorkers who moved didn't go far. Of all, 82% stayed in New York state. And slightly under 8% moved to suburbs in local states, likely leaving the city to raise a family or retire (see more below).

New Yorkers Staying Local

The remainder traded in their snow boots for sandals and moved to warmer climates. Of the remaining non-local states, the three most popular places for New Yorkers to move were Florida, California and Texas. Presumably consisting of mainly retirees and people opting for an easier lifestyle, these three states, though still in minority, nearly matched all the other states combined.

Hot hoods: The Village and Murray Hill

A disproportionally large number of people are moving to locations in Downtown Manhattan, particularly West, Greenwich and East Village and Murray Hill. Of all moves to Manhattan zip codes, 5 zips (10003, 10009, 10011, 10014, and 10016) made up over 30% of the total moves.

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